Free HCG Diet Recipes - Australia

Free HCG Diet Recipes - Australia

Posted by HCG Australia Wide on 25th Aug 2014

The New Life HCG diet doesn’t have to be boring, eating the same bland things, over and over.  We have provided a compilation of HCG Diet recipes for you to spice up your foods during the diet program.  These recipes are intended for the phase that the recipes are listed under such as Phase 2, portion of the diet, however, they can all be modified for maintenance phase by increasing portion sizes and fat to the ingredients.

We also have recipes for Phase 1, Phase 3 and for after you have completed the HCG diet program.

HCG Australia Wide offers lots of free HCG Diet recipes for all phases of the HCG Diet. Give these recipes ago they taste amazing, quick, easy to follow and that good you will forget you are on the New Life HCG Diet.

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